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Cyanide and Happiness made a comic about gender rolls. This made my day. 

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~Trans* Matters

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"There are only two genders."

Okay, but if men are from Mars and women are from Venus, then who comes from the billions of other planets that this universe has to offer?


If your sexuality is something people don’t believe is real, clap your hands.

If your gender is something people don’t believe is real, clap your hands.

If people don’t believe you exist and you really wanna show it, if your identity gets erased, clap your hands.


Non-binary people?

someone who is stormkin should hmu because the best storm is going on right now outside my window


So when I went to take the photo I asked the guys if we could all look extremely concerned, and Patrick was just like, “Concerned? Okay, of course!” and Joe was like, “Concern? Man, that’s easy. I always look concerned,” and once I’d gotten into the middle, Pete leant around and said, “You said concerned, right?” and I was like, “Yeah! Concerned!!!” and Pete was like, “Yeahhh!”After Jack took the photo he said something like, “That was so upsetting,” and I laughed and started walking away, but then I heard Patrick shouting after me so I turned around and he’d stepped away from the guys, and was like, “I THINK I DID IT RIGHT!!!” and gave me two thumbs ups, and I was just like, “Okay, Patrick, great!!!”

Either this family has no idea how green screen souvenir photos work or they know EXACTLY how they work.
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the difference between pizza and your opinion is that i asked for pizza.

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his hair looks like a danger days version of his ghost of you hair